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3 Simple Steps

1) Discovery & Diagnostic

Once you’ve decided that you’re interested in working with a Business Success Partner we will set up an initial Discovery meeting to take some time to understand more about your business, your experience in your business, your present struggles and a little about where you want to be.  Once that is complete, we will set up the very important Business Diagnostic meeting.  The results of this meeting are unlike anything any business owner has experienced, as we fold back every part of your business to understand what is really going on, where there might be profit leakage and where there is room for growth.  This will give us all the information we need to create a proposal for your acceptance.  Once you accept the proposal we move on to the next phase.

2) Business Plan

Once you’ve accepted the proposal we now officially begin to work together.  We’ll start by working on your own personal vision, as it relates to your business. It’s very important that we take the time understand what you hope to get out of this business.  Next we will discuss building a team to be part of preparing the rest of the business plan, depending on the size of your business.  Once the team is developed we will begin to carefully create a very detailed and thorough business plan based on what we found during the business diagnostic.  This phase generally takes 6 – 8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your business and lays the foundation for the implementation stage.

3) Implementation

The implementation stage is when everything really starts to come together and we begin to take action on all the planning.  Often this is where many consultants will leave the client and this is when things start to fall apart.  This stage is the most important and the presence of the consultant during this phase is essential.  As Business Success Partners we are committed to a long term partnership with our clients, ensuring that they are able to effectively implement the business plan and achieve the desired outcome.  During the Implementation phase we will meet twice a month and always be available for guidance as needed.

The Business Triangle

Understanding How To Build A Successful Business

Most owners start their business with a product or service (at the base of the triangle) and they find customers to buy them e.g. using word of mouth and yellow pages. Once these sales and marketing tactics have established the business, the owner finds they need to manage their finances as expenses and wages start to eat away at their profits. This is when the owner needs to start controlling all areas of the triangle otherwise the business will start controlling the owner.  Because most owners start as a “technician” in their business, the focus is usually on the day-to-day operational elements (red areas). Often this leaves very little time to plan for growth by working on the strategic elements (green).

Strategic Elements (Planning)

The “Strategic Elements” (green) are where the owner works ON their business starting with a clear path for growth towards their vision. The strategy needs developing to take the business towards its vision. Getting the rest of the business on board is achieved by ensuring the structure and culture is aligned to this new direction. This planning process will change the way the day-to-day activities are approached and improved. Without time spent on the Strategic Elements, businesses tend to get bogged down in the day-to-day running and do not achieve their growth potential. Not only is the owner unclear on how the business will grow, there is usually no plan that spells out to the staff where the business is going and the role they will play in getting it there. In this scenario, the owner finds themselves fighting fires rather than pro-actively growing the business.

Operational Elements (Day-to-Day)

This is the day-to-day running of the business that takes up most, if not all, of the owner’s time. The Operational Elements are where ConsultX’s unique “Business Diagnostic” will find strategies to increase the income the owner is taking out of the business. This can be quite substantial if the business has been operating for a long period of time.

Business Diagnostic

What Income Should You Be Able To Make From Your Current Business?

Many businesses have a reasonable turnover, but most of the money that comes in the front door gets spent out the back door. Every business owner has the opportunity to put more of this money into their back pocket. To do this, they need to know where the immediate opportunities for increasing income are and the dollar value of what they are worth.

The Business Diagnostic identifies opportunities for additional income across 11 core areas of your business. We call this profit leakage. The difference between the income you currently make from your business compared to what you want it to be can be referred to as “Profit Leakage or an Income Gap”. The Business Diagnostic assesses the ability of your current business to close this gap.

Your overall results broken down by these areas…

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Frequently Asked Questions


This varies from client to client depending on your business size and how much work has to be done. As a general rule the investment you make is returned many times over in the first few months of us working together.


The Business Success Program is a comprehensive business consulting program that improves your business profitability and value over a multi year time frame. It takes time to smoothly make permanent changes in your business that will dramatically improve the profitability and value.


No, our Business Success Partners are intensively trained to help you in every area of your business.


We find many of our clients are very good at what they do but lack expertise and experience in the finer points of running a successful business. These finer points are the ones that make the real money in your business and your Business Success Partner is trained in these important business skills.


The Business Success Program has been designed to start delivering results to the business owner very quickly, in fact you will see noticeable progress within 3 months of commencement.


Because nearly all businesses are structurally similar, we believe that with our unique skills in creating successful businesses and your industry specific skills we can jointly make a huge success of your business.


A Business Coach tends to work with the business owner on the business owner. However, we work with the business owner on the business itself. We are business improvement specialists. Experience and skills in business are necessary to get a business performing at its best.


Some consultants only help write plans as they often lack the experience to turn the plan into reality. Also implementation, or rather the lack of it, is a problem with many small and medium sized businesses and it’s true that most plans sit on the shelf or in a drawer after they’re written. Business Success Partners take a different approach – we help build a plan and then we help turn it into reality. We stay with you to make things happen. When a plan is done properly, it makes the business owner consider the things that are necessary to make the business run much more effectively and profitably.

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