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As a speaker and coach I sometimes feel like I don’t belong.  Most of the great speakers and coaches that I know have amazing stories to tell.  You sit and listen, you cry, your heart enlarges and you want to conquer the world.  I don’t have a story like that.  I’ve gone through my difficult times and accomplished some good things but I’ve never lived on the street or lost use of some part of my body or been a professional athlete or run some part of the country.  I haven’t gone from nothing to amazing abundance.

See my life is pretty average or maybe a little above average but somewhere in that big middle.  I grew up in a home that wasn’t perfect but had two loving parents and enough money to have a nice home and go on trips from time to time and attend college without stressing too much about where the money would come from.  I lived in the land of the mediocre, the average, the expected.  I don’t think initially that story really inspires people.

However, I’ve realized that my story may be more relevant and have its own unique power and impact.  Why?  Because most people don’t have an amazing story in the sense I shared above.  We all have our stories but most people are more like me.  And you know what I’ve realized is that going from average to amazing has it’s own unique set of problems that a good portion of the world can relate to.

When we grow up average we can easily sit back and just go along for the ride.  We can hide among the masses who are doing the same thing.  No one will tell us we should do better and no one will point out that we haven’t done enough.  We’ve found the perfect place to coast.    People who have hit really hard times have a choice to make.  Give up and wallow in my hard times or push through and grow.  Their struggle is clear and so everyone around them is telling them to do better, hoping they will do better.  When they find the strength to push through and grow they realize they don’t need to stop and so often fly past all us average folk.

I do want to make sure that it is clear that I am not taking away anything from those people that have overcome.  As best I can, I understand that they found great strength to overcome and grow.  I’m not trying to make a comparison but merely revealing that each have their own unique challenges.  I am grateful for the people in my life that have shared their amazing stories, challenged me and inspired me to keep growing.  Thank You!

I am committed to growing, living an abundant life and living life on purpose.  For whatever reason, I have not been ok with average for a long time and I thank God for that.  I am on a journey from average to amazing and I’m really hoping that more people get on board.  I realize that it is comfortable where you are.  However I also know that there is something inside you telling you that there is something more.  You have a big dream, a big goal, that is deep within you that wants to come out.  The question is whether you will choose to sit in your comfort zone or choose to step out to live the life you were meant to live and take the journey from average to amazing.

I now look forward to sharing my story.  Every now and then I experience a quick twinge of doubt but then I realize that my story is amazing and not only is it amazing but it is one that relates to so many people across the country.  I truly hope that today you will decide to take the journey from average to amazing and I’m certainly ready to help!

You have all the potential you need to achieve that dream that’s been lying dormant for too long.  Don’t be satisfied with just doing ok or a little better than ok.  Does it really make sense to not use all the potential you have?  It’s just waiting to be used.  You have it for a reason.  Don’t waste it!  It might be a little scary to step outside of the status quo but scary often leads to exhilaration, joy and growth.  Go for it!

To your great success,

Bob Elster


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