Bob Elster Bio

Bob has been studying and empowering people for more than 15 years.  Unlike many speakers and coaches Bob truly understands people, with a background in social work and years of experience working with people in numerous settings.  Bob’s passion and focus is seeing real results.  Although Bob is entertaining, humorous and a powerful speaker he strives to leave people always with practical content and tools that they can immediately apply.  He’s not looking for an empty feel good motivational display that makes no lasting change.  Too many speakers are actors that entertain but make no lasting impact or give great information but leave you wondering what to do with it.  You will not experience this with Bob.

Bob has acquired many certifications and been trained by many of the best in the industry.  Bob is a certified LifeSuccess Consultant and partner with Bob Proctor, one of the most well-known and respected authorities in the personal development arena.  Bob is also a certified Thinking Into Results Facilitator.  Thinking Into Results is a powerful corporate program and Bob is one of approximately only 60 people certified to offer this program around the world.  Bob is also a certified professional coach through the Institute of Professional Coaching.  As you can see Bob is intent on learning the best from the best so that he can offer the best.

As a professional member of the National Speakers Association, Bob is a very experienced speaker.  Bob has been speaking consistently for more than 7 years.  People who have heard Bob speak often talk about how they felt like he was talking directly to them and how they felt like they could trust him immediately because he was so authentic and relatable.  They also tend to talk about his great sense of humor and real life approach to everything he talks about.  Every person that listens to Bob speak or works with Bob in any capacity leaves impacted and ready to take life and business to a new level.

Bob Elster
1 (508) 207-5042

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