Thinking Into Results

Operational Excellence is not simply about doing the same things better, eliminating waste or accomplishing more with less. It’s also about creating and naturally aligning inspiring goals with the passion and untapped potential of everyone in the organization. We all know how we can do better, but knowing and DOING are two different things
Where would your company be if everyone actually DID what they already KNOW how to do?
THINKING INTO RESULTS is designed to naturally align the corporate culture and close the “Knowing – Doing Gap”
Key Outcomes:
· Maximize return on investment in individuals
·  Increase value of human assets
· Increase return on PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE training investments
· Naturally align people and their passion with corporate goals
· Improve personal lives so people bring more of who they really are to work every day
· Direct positive Impact on the bottom line
· WIN-WIN for company and individual

Things to Consider:

What can THINKING INTO RESULTS do for my company?
Create a Results-Oriented Culture that will accelerate profits and growth using current resources, expanding your bottom line. You will create and obtain goals you once thought were impossible
How does THINKING INTO RESULTS work / what’s the process?
Our conscious mind knows what we want but our subconscious mind determines what we actually DO. Setting GOALS is a function of the conscious mind. ACHIEVING them is a function of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for almost all of our ability to SUSTAIN positive change. TIR works because the Human Thought Process produces the RESULTS – everything else is an input into that process. The program has 12 facilitated sessions designed to naturally align the organizations’s culture toward achieving results, which are impossible to obtain with old habits. Sessions are hands-on, multimedia team workshops, facilitated by me or your own team if you choose.
Thinking Into Results is a new and very unique program that several major companies are already using (Ericsson, HEI, RE/MAX to name a few). They are investing in it because they realize that it’s the Human Thought Process that produces the ACTIONS and RESULTS; everything else is an input to that process. In other words, it’s the individual and team thought process that imposes limiting constraints in both setting and achieving goals. In any business, it’s the early adaptors that seem to stay ahead of their competition.
This program will produce RESULTS more effectively, consistently and continuously than any other program!
Bob Elster
1 (508) 207-5042

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