If you are serious about building the life you truly desire, achieving significantly increased results and experiencing new levels of success then this is the absolute best way for you to make that happen.  We’ve learned in many areas of life that having a guide and support in place is very powerful.  People often have trainers at the gym or go to a place where they work out with a group.  People have tutors and trainers and nutrionists and stylists and the list could go on.  We understand the value of having a person by our side in many areas.  Who is helping you build the path of your life and career?  Why is it that we tend to leave our life to chance and let it just happen?  I can empower you to begin to live life on purpose and stay on that path bringing you to a truly new place.  Having a personal life coach is one of the most significant and powerful decisions you will ever make!  Give me a call or drop me an e-mail today!

Individual Packages:

In-Person Intensive – $1,000

This is a very focused individual coaching session that works to quickly and thoroughly expand your mind, refine your vision, stretch your goals and ultimately create a blueprint to build the life and/or business you truly desire.

Individual Coaching Package – $5,000

You will receive 10 – 50 minute coaching sessions over an agreed upon timeframe.  These 10 sessions will give you the time and focus you really need to see the results that you really want. 

Bob Elster
1 (508) 207-5042

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