Introducing Your Next Speaker: Bob Elster

You are guaranteed to have a successful event with Bob as your next speaker. Your people will be motivated and given practical tools to take their results at work and in life to a whole new level.

Primary Keynote:

“Unleash Your Potential”The following are sub-topics that can be used in shorter keynotes, seminars, breakout sessions, etc.

  • “Setting Goals that really work”
  • “Bridging the Knowing/Doing Gap”
  • “The Key to Growth: Breaking through the Terror Barrier”
  • “Change Your Mind to Change Your Results”


  • People will leave feeling revitalized, motivated and on fire to bring their life and career to a new level
  • They will gain a significantly increased understanding as to why they are getting their present results versus the results they really wantPeople will understand how to overcome the greatest obstacle to growth—FEAR.
  • They will learn how to create goals that really work
  • People will leave with the MOTIVATION, ENCOURAGEMENT, KNOWLEDGE AND TOOLS to take their life and career to an entirely new level.


Bob is passionate about people. Early on in life Bob was the child that his friends came to sharing their difficulties and struggles. Bob was there to listen and give whatever advice a young child might have. In college Bob studied Social Work and began his career in the coaching world in various roles as a counselor and social worker, in group homes, mental health facilities, detention centers, for the state and for the federal government. Bob then intertwined his spirituality into his career and got involved in ministry also receiving his Masters of Divinity. From there Bob was certified as a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute of Professional Coaching. Bob still wasn’t satisfied with his respectable amount of training in understanding and communicating to people and so was certified as a LifeSuccess Consultant and partner with Bob Proctor, one of the most well know and respected authorities, coaches and speakers in the personal development arena. Bob also was certified in “Thinking Into Results” the elite corporate program built by Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher. Bob is one of approximately only 60 people certified as a Thinking Into Results Facilitator around the world. As you can see Bob is an expert on people and specifically personal development. He takes that knowledge, passion and practice into every speech he gives, leaving people inspired to set bigger goals and really go after the life and career they want, using the practical tools that Bob has given them.

Bob is a very experienced speaker, having spoken over 250 times to varying size audiences. He’s also a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. As a speaker Bob connects with his audience in a powerful way using his authentic, approachable, fun and encouraging style. People often comment on how they felt like he was talking directly to them. As one person who has heard Bob speak said, “Bob reaches everyone who hears him .” Bob will reach your audience and make your event the best that it could be.

Personal Note from Bob:
I love getting in front of an audience and empowering them to reach new levels of success at work and in all areas of their life. It’s so exciting to see people get it … to understand that they do have amazing potential and that they can significantly increase their results. So many people have given up on living life the way they really want to buying into our cultures “be satisfied with what you have” mentality. I intend to reach as many people as possible, inspiring them, and teaching them how to change that mentality, how to change their mind to change their results. Let me start with your group and you will not 



Bob Elster
1 (508) 207-5042

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